248Marriage was established by God in the creation of a man and a woman. Christ raised the institution of marriage to a sacrament when he attended the wedding feast of Cana and through his preaching when he taught on the union of a man and woman in marriage. The Sacrament of Marriage establishes an indissoluble bond between a man and a woman. In this bond, husbands and wives give themselves totally and selflessly to one another for life: they are to love one another as Christ loves the Church. In the selfless giving to one another the husband and wife are co-creators with God in the conception of children.

Marriage is a sacrament at the service of communion in the Church. It is received so that the recipients may dedicate themselves toward the salvation of others. It does contribute to the salvation of the recipients, but only because the recipients work for the salvation of others.

Marriage Preparation Policy has been established by the diocese with the intent of helping to build and shape stronger Marriages.

To prepare adequately for the celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage, the couple must meet with the pastor at least nine months before the anticipated wedding date. Participation in the Pre-Cana program or Engaged Encounter offered by the Diocesan Family Life office is required of all couples, as well as completing FOCCUS Inventory which is needed for the marriage preparation process.

Please note that special cases may require special consideration, more preparation time, and possible delays. This is discussed and worked out on an individual basis with the parties involved. Please call the church office for more information.



Anyone who is celebrating an anniversary and would like a blessing at the end of a Mass, please call the office to schedule it.