Regular Mass Times

Weekday Mass Schedule:

Mon., Wed., & Fri.

8:30 AM at SA

Tue. & Thurs.

8:30 AM at IC

or as announced.

Lock Haven Catholic School Masses start at   9:00 AM when scheduled.

  Weekend Mass Schedule:

Sat.   5:00 PM  (SA)

Sun.  8:00 AM  (IC)

Sun.  9:30 AM  (SA)

Sun.  12:00 PM  (SJ)



Holy Days of Obligation:

Vigil  7:00 PM (SJ)

Holy Day  9:00 AM (IC)

(School Mass)

and 7:00 PM (SA)


Sat.  11:00 AM  (IC)

Sat.  4:00 PM (SA)