Children and Youth Events

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” – Matt. 19:14

Holy Spirit Parish is pleased to offer a number of opportunities for children and young people to grow in the love of God and to become involved in the life of the Church.


Social Events and Fun Activities – Throughout the year, the parish and various committees host social events and activities that children and youth may enjoy such as the parish picnic, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s, and Easter parties, service projects for and in the community, and special events.

Vacation Bible School (VBS) – Getting to know the word of God – the Bible is absolutely vital to our spiritual growth. Vacation Bible School is a great venue for children to start learning about the Bible. If you enjoy sharing your talents with others and love working with children and adults as well as sharing faith with others then VBS is a ministry for you. This is a program with a new theme each year, one that motivates and makes faith connections for children of all ages. Those who participate are greatly blessed because they are helping children learn what it means to live and grow as part of God’s family and they see their efforts and their faith grow with the enthusiasm and participation of children.

If you are musically inclined, artistically inclined, have teaching skills or just love to see children enjoy an exciting religious experience then you will be a great fit for Vacation Bible School. You need to meet with the team to prepare for the week of activities, support one another in various activities and be available for the week.

VBS consists of music, crafts, games, skits, snacks, and Bible stories. Anyone planning to help must complete the youth protection training offered by the Diocese and secure criminal and child abuse clearances (the parish office will assist you with these). If you would like to become part of this exciting adventure please contact the Religious Education Office.