HOLY SPIRIT PARISH Vacation Bible School

Monday, June 17- Wednesday, June 19, 9:15-11:45AM

Jesus surprised the people he met. We can be surprised by Jesus, too!

People in the temple were amazed by the conversations and questions they had with a boy named Jesus. Hungry people in a crowd had more than enough food to eat when Jesus provided plenty of food. Two travelers were sad that Jesus died, but then they were surprised when Jesus started walking alongside them! With each surprise, people discovered more about Jesus.

Are your children ready to be surprised by Jesus? Are your children ready to ask questions and discover more about him? Then they should come along on the journey, open their eyes, and see what they will find!

Elementary school children grades K-5 are invited to participate. Middle and high school students and parents are encouraged to volunteer! Please keep in mind that if you are over 18 and want to volunteer, you must complete the Protecting God’s Children training through the diocese and other PA background checks. Paper applications can be found in the vestibules of the churches, or by contacting the Office of Religious Education, 570-748-7303; tnesbitt@dioceseaj.org

2019 Registration Form

Holy Spirit Parish VBS Volunteer Registration Form

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